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A community-driven small town with ample outdoor recreation

Halfway between San Jose and San Francisco on the San Francisco Peninsula, sits Belmont- a quiet residential community that features wooded hills, views of the bay and wide open space. First settled in 1850 as a stagecoach station, the city of Belmont is known for its history with William C. Ralston who in 1866 transformed Count Leonetto Cipriani’s hillside villa into an extravagant Victorian mansion, adorned with intricate detail. 

Belmont later became a shipping point for flowers and until the 1940s, the city was known as the chrysanthemum center of the country. During WWII Japanese American flower growers were removed from the area and Belmont’s name for flowers diminished. Several sanitariums, including a neuropsychiatric center, were built and a residential community transpired. 

Today, Belmont is an affluent city rich in culture that sits in San Mateo County and is mostly comprised of families of those in the technology industry. The primary employers in Belmont are renowned companies Oracle, Cengage Learning, Nikon Precision, Safeway, and Autobahn Motors. For those working in business and finance, San Francisco’s Financial District is about a 30 minute commute. 

Belmont embodies a family driven culture and the community enjoys nurturing a healthy quality of life and spending time together in the beautiful outdoors that surrounds. Belmont is known for breaking boundaries over the years with its strict non-smoking policy and since 2009, smoking has been banned in all businesses as well as multi-story apartment and condominium buildings. 

Belmont is a safe and community oriented place to reside and you can often find locals at the weekly Farmers Markets or enjoying each other in one of the many parks and recreational areas. The Belmont-Redwood Shores School District is highly rated and promotes a curriculum that is intellectually inclined.



  • Small Town Ambience
  • Community-Oriented
  • Upscale Real Estate
  • Culture Rich
  • Ample Outdoor Recreation


The Market

An affluent market offers gracious, relaxed upscale living to Belmont’s residents. A small town feel in the densely populated bay area provides for a desirable location that is quiet and secluded, yet central to surrounding areas. Neighborhoods are spread out in suburban disposition and are circumscribed with breathtaking scenic views of hills and woods. Belmont showcases unique and luxurious homes with custom eco-conscious options, framed with impeccable landscapes. 


People & Lifestyle

Belmont is home to a population of 26,000 residents that mostly consists of those in the high-tech industry and their families. The town’s central location provides for a viable commute of only 30 minutes to get to San Jose, San Francisco or Santa Cruz. Belmont encompasses a family-oriented community that spends time active in the nature and parks that surround. A collective focus on wellness compels residents to engage in sustainable and healthy living.  



Named after the vivacious and flavorful sumac spice that is often used in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, Sumac Mediterranean Grill serves authentic dishes made from fresh local ingredients. Delicious meals made with love paired with a welcoming setting make for a wonderful dining experience that is rich in culture.

SunRice Cafe delivers clean, authentic Filipino eats. From breakfast to lunch, you can count on the fulfillment of a hearty meal that will surely satisfy.

Lorenzo’s Sandwich Shop offers its locals a wide variety of the best sandwiches around. Cozy up in the welcoming shop full of baseball decor or take your sandwich to-go.

For those who feel like indulging in a crisp and refreshing artisanal brew, Alpha Acid Brewery has a multitude of diverse craft beers to choose from. The creativity and passion behind each recipe at this brewery is discernible and the tastes will endure, making a return visit a must.

Kiroro Sushi serves up the best sushi in town, sourced from the freshest ingredients. With many vegan and vegetarian options, Kiroro Sushi offers top-notch delectables for all. 

For an array of falafel varieties made with fresh ingredients from scratch, visit Falafelle, a mostly vegan authentic Mediterranean eatery. These tastes are sure to be remembered and adored.  

Immerse yourself in a Hollywood inspired aesthetic as you enjoy a gourmet burger at Godfather's Burger Lounge. This premier burger establishment takes pride in using the freshest local ingredients that are of superb quality. Vegetarian and vegan options are available.

Old World Spirits is a premier distillery that produces world-class, ultra-premium spirits from the finest, most natural ingredients. Tours and tastings are available to enjoy spirits that are hand crafted with intricate detail for the consumer's delight. 

*This is a partial list of restaurants. If you are a local restaurant and would like to be listed, please reach out to collaborate.

Health & Fitness

For an empowering community based experience, join Movement, where members climb and participate in fitness classes. Movement offers 19,000 square feet of climbing with 80 top ropes that reach up to 50 feet high, as well as TRX, Yoga and Personal Training. 

Row House is a boutique fitness rowing concept that offers people of all different shapes and sizes a low impact, high calorie burning full-body workout. Each synchronized group class instills a sense of purpose in its rowers and thrives off of a team-oriented environment that invigorates a sense of community. 

With coaching based off of their STEM pillars of health- “Sleep, Train, Eat, Mindset”, Origin is a local gym that creates individualized programs that enables members to explore their strongest self. 

Spiritual Alignment is an eco-friendly conscious living center that offers classes, workshops and events in Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and 1-on-1 Healing Services. This sanctuary provides a holistic approach to serve those in their journey to mental, emotional and total well-being. 

Infinite Body Health specializes in spinal rehab and sports functionality and builds a customized care program that targets each individual's specific health challenges and goals. Infinite Body Health aims to offer its patients pain relief through holistic based practices including chiropractic, nutrition, fitness rehabilitation and acupuncture.   

*This is a partial list of health and fitness related businesses. If you are a local health and fitness related business and would like to be listed, please reach out to collaborate.

Events & Arts

The Belmont Farmers Market offers plentiful amounts of agriculture from farmer to you. Held year round, every Sunday from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., locals gather to listen to live music and acquire the freshest fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, fresh bread and pastries, specialty foods, flowers and more.

The Belmont Community Center offers arts, crafts and games for all ages and daycare for working mothers. 

Connect with your friends and family over a glass of wine and a painting session at Bottle & Bottega By Painting with a Twist. This venue serves as a welcoming place to unwind, let creativity flow and make memories.

Built in 1968, the Ralston Hall Mansion exhibits delightfully charming Victorian architecture and historical essence. For more than 90 years, Ralston Hall Mansion served as the centerpiece of the Notre Dame de Namur University campus in Belmont, and now it is the grandiose setting of weddings, as well as social or corporate events.

The Belmont Historical Society was founded in 1985 as a non-profit organization and is dedicated to collecting and preserving Belmont’s historical artifacts. The History Room stores immense amounts of photographs, articles, oral histories and is available for public viewing. 

Twin Pine Art Center is a collaboration of art studios in which artists come from different backgrounds to create. Their art is then showcased in the gallery and the art is rotated every month. The gallery is open for public viewing and also offers an art reference library for those wanting to elevate their intellect in the arts.

Digital Monkey School offers classes and Summer Camps to children ages 6 to 18 that aim to enhance each individual student’s knowledge on topics such as Video Game Development and Digital Painting and Drawing.

*This is a partial list of events and arts. If you host a local event or art production and would like to be listed, please reach out to collaborate.


Twin Pines Park- A small and scenic neighborhood park that features a creek, BBQs, playgrounds and a recreational center. A historically significant building is also available for rental as a venue for cocktail parties, afternoon tea or wedding receptions. This building also serves as an art gallery that is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday. Twin Pine Parks additionally hosts Belmont’s annual Easter Egg Adventure Hunt.

Waterdog Lake & Open Space - A hilly green park that is dog-friendly encompassing several trails leading up to a small lake.

Hidden Canyon Park - A moderate hike featuring ample trails and open space with stunning views of Downtown San Francisco.

Hallmark Park - A quaint residential park that offers a jogging track, tennis courts, playgrounds and trails to explore. At the back of the park the entrance to the trail heads of the Crystal Springs Cross Country Course can be found, which presents a one-mile-loop or three-mile-loop that overlook views of the Crystal Springs Reservoir, the Bay and the San Francisco skyline.

Cipriani Dog Park - is dedicated to dogs and permits off leash activities. This park features a ball field, picnic area, playgrounds and ample space for your furry friends to stretch their legs.  



Belmont is served by the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District (BRSSD). These prestigious schools are top-rated in the state of California. Find links to each school below:







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